Dr Darryl Cross

Dear Fellow Traveller,

My name is Dr Darryl Cross and in the next few minutes I would like to show you proven, successful and above all simple tips for dealing with the issue of not knowing what sort of career or job is right for you.

You will see how to find your strengths and talents, locate your work interests, find out what motivates you at work, and how you behave and act at work which all are pointers to the job that is right for you.

Above all, you will discover the huge joy of feeling that you’ve found your “niche,” or doing something that you enjoy, and not just working to live, but living to work.

As Career Counsellor for over three decades, I am acutely aware of the problems YOU have with your career. There’s nothing like the clinical hands-on experience of knowing what works and what doesn’t! Professionally too, I am a registered psychologist dealing with cases on a day to day basis and when people are “lost” then it impacts their self-esteem, effects their relationships and can lead to feelings of depression and/or anger.