Job Interview Dos and Don'ts

By Dr Darryl Cross

Do’s – Tips for making a good impression
• Prepare for your interview, as it will help you to answer questions in a concise and relevant way. Things that you can prepare for are: knowledge of the company, the position itself and your future career directions
• Be professional and polite with everyone. When you arrive, state your name clearly and who you are there to see. Speak up. Be punctual and prepared.
• Smile, smile, smile – it will relax you and others.
• If you don’t smile with your lips, smile with your eyes!
• Feel confident about yourself. Knowing you look good and are well prepared goes a long way to boosting your confidence.
• Be positive and polite about any interview delays and when answering questions.
• A firm handshake is a must. There’s nothing worse than a “fish-hand” handshake. Good posture and eye contact will make you appear confident.
• Avoid the temptation to be too informal. Even if your interviewer has a relaxed and friendly style, they are still trying to assess you as a potential employee and representative of the company.

Don’ts – Common interview blunders
• Poor interview preparation. A lack of thought about the position or research
about the company.
• Poor posture. Failure to maintain eye contact, scowling or fidgeting.
• Being over friendly. Inappropriate behaviour in an interview situation, such as
talking too much about personal circumstances, swearing or using other
inappropriate language.
• Being negative about present and former employees, the company, its staff or
• Arriving too late or too early.
• Arriving flustered and unkempt.