Job Interview Overview

Compiled by Dr Darryl Cross,
Coach — Psychologist


The interview is a time to exchange information:
– for you to find out about the employer and convince that person(s) that you are the person for the job
– for the employer to assess your abilities and gain more details about you

Employers are usually interested in finding out about:

  • your personal presentation
  • that you have set some objectives for yourself
  • your career plans
  • your maturity/ability to be responsible & flexible
  • your communication skills
  • your ability to solve problems
  • that you are prepared for the interview
  • that you can work in a team


  • Find out who will be conducting the interview
  • Find out all you can about the organisation, its products and services
  • Practice interviews with your friends/family; spend time visualising yourself putting on a good interview
  • Check bus timetables or calculate how long it will take to drive to the organisation
  • Make sure you have enough copies of your Resume for others on the interviewing panel (if asked for it)